OK lets get back to online casino games after that brief indulgence in motor racing…

I just got excited to see that Jenson Button is finally winning something… and did you see he managed to get another win this weekend in Malaysia?

Looks like I have an apology to make to my aunties… I didn’t realize how much money changes hands at their bingo games and was a little disparaging about their bingo… needless to say, it didn’t go down too well… might even be struck off the birthday and christmas card list…. ooohh dear….

Anyway I ended getting a lesson from them about their gala bingo games! A long lesson which I didnt have a choice of getting out of… damn I need to be careful of what I say, just keep on opening my mouth and gettin meself deep into trouble… just dont learn!

My guilt got the better of me, so secretly I did a little research and looked for some reviews. Managed to find rushmore casino online which has online bingo as well as the usual suspects – like blackjack, roulette, and poker.

Sorry aunties… wont make fun of your bingo again… I promise. Maybe I’ll just keep my mouth shut… who knows…

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