Got done by a straight!

How the mighty crumble!

I got too confident, damn! Some guy did me with a straight last night.

I made a basic poker mistake, not only did I get over confident, but I also under estimated a player’s ability and the probability of a straight.

The probability of someone getting a straight, in seven card poker hands, is 4.6% or put in another way, there is a  20.6 to 1 chance of a straight.  Poker probabilities should be learnt by all poker players. I have learnt the hard way – I should have known better.

But I took a chance… and thats what happens when you have a run of good luck, you think it will never come to an end. Oh well, you live and learn!

The other mistake I made was thinking I was better than my opponents and that I could win all the time. Of course its good to think that you are better than the other players at the table, but it is obviously not good to think that you can win all the time

Read the play carefully. Observe the other players behavior and their betting. Don’t forget there is always a chance someone has put together a flush or a straight.

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