Got kicked by the kicker!

Damn kicker cards got the better of me, I’m bruised and battered – I got kicked by the kicker!

It happened to me three times whilst playing poker in the casino last night, twice I got beaten by higher kickers and we are talking queen kicking my ten and the other time this guy had a jack that was too good for my ten.  Ok I admit that I was living on the edge a bit and taking chances.

  And if you are going to play poker like that, then sometimes it pays off and sometimes you lose – its 50/50.

But towards the end of the evening, I had a king, nine unsuited starting hand – when a second king came on the flop, my nine kicker was paired with the turn card and by the way the others were just checking – I thought, oh yeah babe!  Here we come I’m going to take this one with my two pair.

This dude totally fools me with a slow play and takes me with trip fives… I was gutted… absolutely blown away. 

The guy was sitting there with a pair of fives, just checking…then he got his five on the river and caught me out.  By the way they were betting, I just thought there was no chance of anyone having a pair or higher. 

He apologized and said he didn’t mean to slow play me, because I was betting strongly, he said he thought I had a stronger hand all along.

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