Playing your position

I had a guy at my table yesterday that just kept getting enough of the cards to have me beat.  Problem was that he had better position than me most of the time, or when it really counted.

When I had a pair, this guy put down a higher pair.  When I thought I had a chance of beating him with a straight he pulls out a higher one – damn.

Then I suddenly woke up and realized what he was doing – he was folding when he didn’t have the cards or when he wasn’t in position to benefit from everyone else making their call first.

Maybe he just read me well I don’t know.  But it was really tough having him play after me and he had me beaten most of the time.

I tried to semi-bluff him a few times and got away with it, but the pot happened to be small when I collected it.  Of course this guy had then folded early and hadn’t committed much.

It was very irritating playing with him, but you had to admire his skill at reading the situation, he knew exactly when to up the play, when to play it cool – to not commit too many chips and just play along and see what would happen.  Also when to get out early and watch the play.

But not only that, this guy played his position very well, he was always conscious of where he was relative to the dealer, so that he could process the information on the table, work out who was doing what and then make his decisions and play accordingly.

  If he was not in a good position he would often fold or just put a few chips in to see what would happen.

I was too slow to realize that he was that good.  Too slow to see what he was doing and to react, it cost me dearly and before I woke up I had lost a sizable chunk of my chip stack.

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