The November Nine

I wonder what it must be like to have made the final table of the Main Event of WSOP? It must be an incredible feeling to think that you have made it, you have beaten some seriously good poker players and its now down to the final nine.

Of course it must be great to know that you are already assured a big prize of a over a million dollars even if you get knocked out first.

But can you imagine having to wait 3 or 4 agonizing months for the outcome? It must play on your nerves a bit. I wonder if the players that are able to put it aside and continue with their normal lives, will be the most rested and ready for the competition.

I’ll be following all the action on pacificpoker, just as I did for all the satellites and the build up to the main event.

Actually 888 Holdings is a company that you may want to watch for the future. If you think that markets will soon return to normal and that people will start spending more on gambling, then you may consider buying their shares now, whilst they are relatively cheap.

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