Top 10 poker players in WSOP

Have you noticed we are suddenly starting to hear news items about the World Series of Poker (WSOP)? Its getting to that time of year where everyone is gearing up for the biggest poker tournament.

The excitement is already building, expectations rising and speculations being cast…

What intrigues me is – where will the top ten poker players come from this year? Will we see a change in the mix? Will the European poker players challenge the top American players.

Or, will we see some players from completely new places? Asia, Russia, Pacific, more from Australia, South America, South Africa… who knows?

One thing is that poker has spread even further and wider. The games popularity just grows and grows. Television, access to the internet and online poker has allowed anyone to play anywhere.

I cant wait for the WSOP to start… are we in for some surprises this year, or will the usual suspects finish in the top 10? Its so open and there are so many unknowns in a poker tournament, there is just no ways I would bet on the outcome!

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